Guwahati Proposed Development Intensity Zones

  • Guwahati Proposed Development Intensity Zones
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May 29, 2014
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With the notification of new Building Bylaws 2014 framed under the Guwahatl Building Construction (Regulation) Act 2010 the process of issuing construction permission as per this Bylaws comes into force. As per the new Byelaws, FAR is based on development intensity of a particular area. FAR is also linked with road width and plot size. Wider roads and larger plots will be allowed more FAR. There is also provision of granting additional FAR on payment of additional fee. Parking norms have been made more stringent.

Development Intensity Zone definitions as per the new Byelaw —

  • High Intensity Zone – This zone signifies those areas of Guwahati which are least environmentally sensitive and can hence carry maximum development.
  • Moderate Intensity Zone – As the name suggests, this zone can receive moderate development as it comparatively more environmentally sensitive than High intensity zone. 44% of Guwahati‘s land is under this zone.
  • Low Intensity Zone – Again this zone is comparatively more environmentally sensitive than Moderate intensity zone. Areas like foothills of Fatasil reserve forest, airport, etc. comes under this category.
  • Very Low Intensity Zone – This zone comprises of area that are most environmentally sensitive.
  • Reserved Forest & Conservation Area – This zone comprises of area like reserve forest, river edge etc. No development should normally be allowed in this zone.

N.B.: Delineation of development intensity zone has been made based on the recommendations of the study on City Assessment Report and Draft Design Proposal on Carrying Capacity Based Urban Development Regulation for Guwahati carried out by Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad.

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One thought on “Guwahati Proposed Development Intensity Zones

    October 24, 2016

    I have obtained a land purchase permission from CEO .GMDA bearing no-GMDA/LSP/1221/02082016/25. DATED-FRIDAY,SEPTEMBER 09,2016,where MD.Sariful Hoque is the seller and my self MD.Aminuz Jahan is the buyer and the location is village-Satgaon.Mouza- Beltola .

    The Patta No-:345(N) and Dag no-2042(N) Area of The Plot-1.74 Are.

    Whether G+2 building permission canbe obtained in the said property.

    your reply in this regard is highly solicited

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