Tips for Single Guys on Renting in a New City

  • Tips for Single Guys on Renting in a New City
by 1Property
June 26, 2015
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Did you ever have to shift to a new city because of your job or study? We all have gone through that process once and it is not that easy. If you are looking to shift to a new city in the future and are worried about the prospect of finding a new place to live, the tips that are provided in this article will help you to get an idea of how you can easily settle down.

Shifting to a new city is not always easy. There are a lot of hardships that you will have to face before you get settled down. After living so many years in the same place, you get quite accustomed to the environment and the daily life that is associated with the place. You get to know every street, every corner and every friendly place as you go from one point of the place to another. The saddest feeling about leaving the current place is that you are leaving behind some of the best friends, loved ones or even family. This makes leaving an old place a very difficult process; but after that going to a new city and finding the right place to stay is the most daunting task for any person who does not have any friends or family.

The most worrisome thing that comes into picture while shifting to a new place is about renting a new house/apartment. Finding the perfect house is nearly impossible for anyone in their first search; sometimes it takes a month to get that house/apartment that suits you the best along with the price. What adds to the woes of searching is when you are a single guy on a house-hunting mission, alone in a city about which you have little idea. There are a lot of things that may come in to your mind like do you have the freedom to make your own restructuring of the place or will you have the place to park your vehicle.

Here are some of the tips that every single guy should keep in mind while looking for a new place to settle down in a new city:

Tips for Renting

  • Make a list of the potential places. Just searching for a place randomly will cost you a lot of time and effort. Make a checklist of the potential houses/apartments that you have found out in the classified pages. You can also hire a property dealer who will provide you a list of the houses according to your location and budget. Though, they may ask for some kind of commission or fee.
  • Research about the location. The most important thing that you should keep in mind while renting a house/apartment is about its location. Do a proper research about the place, if it is located in a good community and has easy accessibility to the local transportation (in case you do not have your own vehicle). The best way to do this is to explore the area by going around the neighbourhood on foot.
  • Know your priorities. As a single guy in a new city, there may be some definite priorities for you and since you are going to stay in the place, these priorities will be someway associated with it. Are you looking for a place that has a room that is perfect for you to create a man cave; be it a complete home theatre or a simple well-lit room to cover it with your artistic touch? Just check out with all those options.
  • Thoroughly check the apartment/house. Just do not go by the pictures that are being posted on the classifieds or that is being sent by the landlord. Get a good look at every nook and corner of the place. If there is something missing or anything that needs to be fixed, get it to the attention of the landlord. It is best to check out the house/apartment in the day time when there is enough natural light to have a good look
  • Get to know if there are any hidden costs. Sometimes you may realise that after renting a house there are a lot of hidden costs that the landlord did not mention; like parking cost and other daily utilities and amenities. Thus, to save yourself from the shock later, ask the landlord about all the hidden costs that are not included in the rent amount.
  • Negotiate if it is possible. Negotiations are a good way to get a great deal if you are planning to stay for long duration. If you are going to stay for a year or two it is harmless to negotiate the rent and if any other extra costs like parking fees or utility cost can be waived.
  • Document everything on paper. Do not forget to make an agreement documents with the landlord. Put every deal you made or every promise made by you or the landlord on paper. Remember, renting is a contractual agreement and it needs to be treated as one. If in future any legal developments take place the document might come in handy.

With the above tips you can now worry less about hunting for that perfect house/apartment when you move to a new city.

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